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about me

Hello, My name is Joe and I am an experienced camera assistant and drone pilot with TV credits for BBC, Netflix, National Geographic, Channel 4, Sky and more. I have worked in multiple technical roles in the TV industry,  which has allowed me to develop a broad skill set that makes me a crucial asset to any crew.


I have held a full UK GVC drone permission since 2020 and have operated drones on most productions I have worked on. I have experience operating drones in some of the hardest conditions and am also a competent FPV drone operator. This year I completed my US drone license, which allows me to operate all across the United States.

Over the last 5 years, I have gained experience on location working as a camera assistant, DIT, Camera Operator, DV Director and mini cams operator. These jobs have not only expanded my knowledge in camera but have given me a catalogue of skills that I use in every job going forward.


I am crazy for adventure and the outdoors, in my free time I can often be found hanging from a cliff or swimming under the sea.   

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